Students Supply List 2018-2019


First Grade
4 boxes of crayton 16 ct 1 Book Bag (no rolling)
8 glue sticks 1 set of ear buds
1 pack of Expo Markers 6 Composition Notebooks (Black & White sewn Pages
1 pack of pencils 2 Dozen Pencils and Erasers
Post It Notes (all sizes) 2 Boxes of Crayons 16 ct
2 boxes of Kleenex 1 pair of Blunt End Scissors
1 container of Baby wipes 4 packs of Glue Sticks
1 container of Clorox wipes 4 Dry Erase Markers
2 bottles of hand sanitizer 1 Pencil Box
1 box Ziploc sandwich bags 1 Package of Post-It Notes
1 box Ziploc quart bags 1 Box of Kleenex
1 bos Ziploc gallon bags 1 Bottle of Waterless Hand Sanitizer
1 box Ziploc snack bags 1 Bottle of Hand Soap
1 Bookbag (not rolling) 1 Box of Gallon Ziploc bags
1 Change of clothing (include undergarment) 1 Box of Quart Ziploc bags
Headphones (can be purchased at Dollar Tree)
Second Grade Third Grade
3 Composiotions notebooks (no wire) 4 packs pencils
3 packs of yellow #2 pencils 6 Composition Notebooks
2 boxes of crayons Ziploc Bags (sandwich & snack size)
2 packs of glue sticks Pencil case (box or bag)
2 packs Black expo dry erase markers Highlighters
2 boxes of Kleenex Crayons & Markers
2 bottles of hand sanitizer Ear Buds
1 pack sticky notes 4 packs of glue sticks (We use these a LOT!)
2 packs of ear buds Dry Erase Markers
2 containers Clorox wipes Loose Leaf Papers
1 box quart Ziploc bags 4 boxes of Kleenex
1 box gallon Ziploc Bags Scissors
1 pack large pink erasers (Not pencil toppers) Hand Sanitizer
Summer Assignments
Fourth Grade
Pencils (no mechanical pencils) Fifth Grade
Colored Pencils 1 Book Bag (no rolling bags please)
Blue Ink Pens 6 Composition Notebooks (Black & White Sewn Pages)
7 Composition Notebooks with sewn pages 2 Pack Notebook paper
Index Cards 4x6 1 5-Subject Notbook
Small Ziploc Bags Pencil/Erasers
Pencil Box Colored Pencils
Highlighters Glue Sticks (we use these a lot!)
Crayons 2 Packs Dry Erase Markers
Ear buds Highlighters
Markers 1 Set of Ear Buds
Dry Erase Markers 2 Packs of Sticky Notes
2 Glue Sticks or Glue Large Box of Tissue (Kleenex)
Loose Leaf Paper
2 Boxes of Kleenex
Flash Drive
2 inch Binder
1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
Post-It Notes (medium)
Summer Assignments
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